How does TLC’s Carer Introduction Service work?

TLC is a “not for profit” social enterprise, matching people in the palliative stages of their illness who need care, with exceptional, skilled and compassionate carers or personal assistants.

Personal Assistants

If you feel would like to join TLC as a Personal Assistants, get in touch!

We will arrange to meet up with you, to talk about your background, experience, qualifications, and when and where you would like to work.

We can support you with getting DBS checks, insurance, and mandatory training in place if you need these.

People needing care

We meet you to establish what care you need, in order to match you to a suitable Personal Assistant.

We can help you with what pre-employment checks you need, and advise you on how to set up a simple contract with your Personal Assistant.

If your care needs change, we can match you with additional Personal Assistants. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

How does TLC charge for making care matches?

TLC will charge a commission on top of the Personal Assistants’ rate, payable by the person seeking care. This pays for interviewing and advising potential Personal Assistants, meeting up with families and making the care matches, supporting our Personal Assistants with training and mentoring, and providing an online platform to help families with rostering care, and simplify paying for their care.
Depending on how many hours of care you need, and whether you are needing an hour of care, or blocks of time such as overnight sits, the commission TLC charges, will vary from 10-20%.
This arrangement will be reviewed after three months, to ensure you get the most cost-effective care.
Any surplus income over our costs will be used to develop the services we deliver for people living with a palliative condition in East Devon.

Need help getting care?

Do you need a carer, for yourself or a loved one?

Ring us on 07518 907790 to discuss your care needs or arrange a visit from us or you can fill in a registration form online via the Community Care Connect tab below, and we will get in touch with you. We can then match you to suitable carers and give you information about them. You then arrange to meet, and if you are happy with that person, arrange your care directly with them.
We can help you with what pre-employment checks you need, and advise you on how to set up a simple contract for services with your Personal Assistant.
TLC’s optional online platform provided by Community Care Connect enables you, or your representative to roster your care. The billing and payment function makes paying for your care simple too, as one payment covers your carer’s fee and TLC’s commission.

How can you join TLC as a Personal Assistant?

By joining TLC’s Carer Introduction Service as a Personal Assistant, you will be able to find rewarding clients, matched to when and where
you would like to work.

Contact us and we will meet up to talk through your experience, where you cover, your availability and rates of pay. Or you can register your interest online yourself, by clicking on the Community Care Connect tab below, and we will get in touch with you. We can help you with training, insurance and DBS checks if you need these. 

Once everything is in place and you wish to join TLC we can then start matching you to people seeking care.

Our Vision and Values

“We believe that more people in the terminal stage of their illness should be able to choose to be cared for and die at home, knowing that they and their families will be supported by trained, skilled and compassionate carers.”
“TLC Palliative Care at Home will work closely with healthcare professionals and specialist palliative care providers to ensure that the patient and their families receive the best supportive care.”

Michelle Pryor,
CEO & Founder of TLC Palliative Care at Home

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